We are worth more!

Short staffing, unsafe working conditions, lack of PPE, insufficient hazard pay, problems with scheduling, low pay, expensive health insurance, lack of respect. These are some of the challenges that nursing home employees face every day. There is one way you and your coworkers can address these and other problems: Form a Union where you work.

 How to form your union: 

  1. Talk to your coworkers who also know they deserve more about coming together to make improvements. Here’s how to have these conversations.

  2. Sign this union card and sign up your coworkers by sending them the link.

  3. Stand strong together. Administration is afraid of you coming together to have the power to get what you deserve and what your residents deserve. Remember the facts: It is legal and effective to form your union. After all, if your union won’t change anything, then why does administration spend so much money on trying to prevent it?


Over 20,000 nursing home employees across PA are in the union and changing these problems in their facilities.
What changes when you form your Union? 

When you form your Union, you and your coworkers get a binding voice and vote on everything that happens at work. Without a union, administration makes 100% of the decisions about your job. After you form your Union, YOU get to vote on your staffing rules, your raises, your access to PPE, your hazard pay, and everything else about your work.

Here are some examples of what Nursing Home Workers have gained by forming their Union:

Join us!

We joined 200 other homes in PA and formed our unions just last month in Millersburg and Erie.