Take a moment to picture your favorite Connecticut state park, beach, or forest. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and you just want to escape the busy world—it could be birding, swimming, relaxing with a book, enjoying a picnic lunch, hiking, shoeshoeing, or cross-country skiing.

Now picture that same special escape—the green grass, the warm sand, the crunch of leaves, the peaceful trails—paved, with a strip mall, or maybe fancy condominium complex.

Impossible, right? Nope. It’s currently very possible in Connecticut.

But you can change that.

On Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, you will have an opportunity to vote YES on a constitutional amendment that will protect those magical places you love in Connecticut and ensure they are preserved for generations to come.

But it can't happen without your help. Here are three easy steps to ensure this amendment passes:

  1. Sign up here to stay informed about this important issue and vote.
  2. Read more on our blog and at ProtectCTPublicLands.org.
  3. Tell all your friends and share this link everywhere!

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