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It's Time to Show Democrats Who Water Down Police Accountability Legislation That We Will Defeat Them At The Ballot Box in 2022.

After the global protest movement that arose following the death of George Floyd, Democrats in Annapolis promised to deliver meaningful police accountability legislation. One of those legislative efforts was the repeal of the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights , a decades old law that enables Law Enforcement to have extra rights and protections when they commit acts of corruption or violence. In 1974 Maryland was the first state to pass a law like this in the country and now 15 other states have their own versions. If Maryland repeals this aweful policy it could lay the path for other states to follow our lead. However, over the past few weeks certain Democratic leaders have voted with Republicans to drastically amend the bill, removing crucial pieces that would allow the public to have power in the process of disciplining police who abuse our communities. These Democratic lawmakers need to know that we mean business and will organize with enough numbers to defeat them in 2022 if they do not support community control of policing. In order to show them that we are not bluffing when we say we'll hold them accountable we need to show them we can recruit 1000 volunteers who will knock on doors, make phone calls, send text messages, or donate to their electoral opponents in 2022. We know that politicians care about being re-elected more than anything else. Therefore we must be able to show them that we can organize enough volunteers and raise enough money to significantly swing voters in their districts against them. Sign up below to let Maryland Democrats know that there are thousands of people who will support their opponents if they choose to stand with the Fraternal Order of Police over victims of police brutality!