Share your story.

Share Your Story

Your story and the story of your community matters — and no one knows it better than you. We want to hear your story:

  • How has coronavirus impacted you and those you care about?
  • Do you have access to food and other essential resources?
  • How has the Oregon Food Bank and our partner food distribution sites supported you?
  • Are you more involved in your community?
  • Have you ever used SNAP food assistance?

Whether you're volunteering, advocating, contributing or receiving assistance, you are part of our growing movement to end hunger. Please use the form below to share your story and help us all #EmergeStronger from this crisis! You can also call 971-313-8301 and leave a voicemail with your story.

(After you fill out this form, we may follow up with you, and share your story to help illustrate the importance of access to healthy food.)