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Tell Your Senators to Protect Title X

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This week we are again calling our senators to urge them to include provisions to protect the Title X program. Damage is already being done to the family planning program, including the expected closure of two Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio. Providers across the country have spoken on this issue including our own Dr. Jamila Perritt when testifying before Congress earlier this year. The damaging changes to the prorgram have pushed several states and Planned Parenthood to exit the program leaving the current Title X providing sites with a severely increased caseload. As Guttmacher explained in a recent update on Title X the changes have created “massive challenges for the rest of the safety-net family planning provider network." We need the Senate to act NOW to protect Title X from these harmful restrictions.


I am a physician/constituent from [your state] and an advocate/supporter with Physicians for Reproductive Health. I am calling to urge Senator __________ to support provisions that will protect Title X.

Prior to the changes imposed by the rule earlier this year, the Title X family planning clinics formed a critical safety net of needed preventive health services that facilitated informing patients of their full scope of options, including contraception, cancer screenings, STI detection and treatment, HIV education, and more. The domestic gag rule now actively keeps Title X facilities from sharing information about abortion and has disqualified one of the largest nation wide providers in the Title X program, Planned Parenthood, from participating in the program. Blocking people from getting full scope and accurate information about all of their options from providers is wrong. [Optional language: As a health care provider, I know that withholding critical information and referrals is unethical and harmful to patients.]

I am glad the House has taken action through the Labor-HHS spending bill, and now we need the Senate to include these critical provisions throughout the 2020 appropriations negotiations. Please ask Senator ______ to support the Title X program with full funding free of harmful and unethical gag rules.