The Pryor Mountain Horses Need Your Voice !

Photo Credit: Erin Phillips

Take Action With WBF to Protect the Pryor Mountain Mustangs

The horses of this beloved herd have existed, and been protected, on the Pryor Mountain range for decades - predating even The Wild Horse and Burro Act.  Their roots can be traced to the Native American tribes, and even the Lewis and Clark expedition horses.

If we do not take action now... the Pryor Mountain Horses could be facing their end.

The Pryor Mountain Horses hold a special place in our hearts at The Wild Beauty Foundation...

And their story is an integral part of our documentary: 'Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West'

A recent environmental assessment proposes that the Pryor horses can and should be lumped together with all wild horse herds, something they call a "metapopulation". This dangerous concept would treat every individual wild horse herd as one collective,  and eliminate the individual genetic necessities of each herd.

A planned BLM roundup of these Pryor Mountain horses would reduce their numbers to as low as 90 -- extremely detrimental to the herd's genetic viability -- and would tear apart the families that have formed within this iconic herd.  The Pryor Mountain horses have never been at such a low number, and the consequences are potentially disastrous.

Public comments for the BLM's proposed roundup are open now -- and we strongly urge everyone to submit their comments in opposition to this action.

We encourage strong, but cordial and respectful wording in order to maximize their impact.  Please see our talking points below, and link to submit your comments at the end of this page:

Points of Note:

  • To strongly object to the Pryor Herd - or any other horse population - being grouped together and treated as a 'metapopulation'
  • Expanding the Pryor Wild Horse Range to allow for a larger herd, and sustainable genetic viability.
  • Strongly oppose the low AML of only 90 horses, and explain that this number is not sustainable.
  • Encourage including the Sorenson Extension to the range
  • Encourage adding Demijohn Flat to the range (horses' historic use area)
  • Explaining that the Pryor Horses are the last remaining wild horse herd in Montana, and that other Montana herds have zeroed out decades ago.
  • If the AML must be adjusted -- it should be done incrementally, and only young horses should be removed over a 5–10 year period -- not 50-60 all at once.
  • Manage each herd according to their own unique characteristics, not as a single animal statistic
  • Explain how the older horses' knowledge is essential for the herd survival

Finally - we also encourage everyone to share the positive impact the Pryor Horses have upon the community, the state, and the individual.

  • Express the joy, wildness, and pride in seeing and reading about Pryor Mustangs

  • The Pryor Mustangs raise appreciation and enjoyment of Montana's public lands

  • Your personal experiences with the Pryor Horses -- and your love and appreciation for them!

Follow the link below to submit your comments - and take action to protect the Pryor Mountain Horses !



Thank you again for your continued support, and for standing with wild horses!

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