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November 24, 2020

Environment & Health

Fracking flare in Wyoming

Another Court Win for PSR!

In another court win for PSR, a federal court ruled that the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM), in violation of federal law, failed to disclose the climate impacts of leasing more than 300,000 acres of public lands for fracking and oil and gas extraction in Wyoming.

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Three New Fracking Resources Coming from PSR

  • Fracking with "Forever Chemicals"? Due out in December, this report examines why the U.S. EPA approved for use in gas and oil wells a chemical that could degrade into highly toxic perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS). PFAS are known as "forever" chemicals because they don’t degrade in the environment; rather, they bioaccumulate in the human body.
  • Air Pollution and COVID-19: A Dangerous Combination. This white paper takes a preliminary look at the possibility that air pollution from fracking operations in Colorado and New Mexico increases susceptibility to Covid-19. Coming out in January 2021.
  • New report, final title TBD. Chemical manufacturers know what chemicals are being used to fracture oil and gas wells, but because of exemptions under disclosure rules, well operators may not. Is there a possible remedy to non-disclosure under existing federal laws? Expected date of release: February 2021.

Peace and Security

Stop Nuke Testing demo 1993

After 28 years, should the U.S. resume testing nuclear weapons?

The United States conducted its last nuclear test explosion in 1992. Is it time to start up testing again? As you can imagine, PSR's answer is, "Absolutely not!" This month, a House-Senate Conference Committee is debating whether or not to fund nuclear testing as it irons out a compromise for the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The House version of the NDAA bill includes language that prohibits any funding for tests. The Senate version includes $10 million in taxpayer funds to prepare the Nevada test site for future tests. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Ranking Member of Senate Armed Services Committee is in a pivotal position to influence this decision. Will you help PSR convince Sen. Reed to eliminate nuclear testing from the budget?

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White House

With Biden headed to the White House, what will change on nuclear weapons policy?

With the election behind us, President-elect (and former Vice President) Joe Biden's return to the White House will provide a different landscape for activists working toward a nuclear weapons free world. During the campaign, we saw glimpses of the President-elect's perspective towards nuclear weapons policy. So what can we expect to change?

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Election 2020

Sunrise with wind turbines

The Road Ahead

PSR Executive Director Jeff Carter writes about the Biden-Harris win and what the new administration will mean for climate change and nuclear weapons abolition.

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PSR Events

Mari Sato performing

PSR's First Virtual Gala a Success

The event featured the voices of climate change and nuclear weapons abolition champions, messages from Rep. Barbara Lee and Ambassador Elaine Whyte Gómez, a celebration of PSR's accomplishments in this difficult year, and a discussion of the way forward for PSR in 2021 and beyond. Did you miss our virtual gala? Watch the recording here.

Upcoming Virtual Events

2nd Annual Medical Symposium: Health Effects of Oil and Gas Development
Sat. Dec. 5, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
PSR Colorado presents the second Medical Symposium. Come and learn about the scope of health and environmental effects of oil & gas development on our communities. Experts will be presenting peer reviewed research from a micro (cellular) level and progress to a macro level of global impact. Continuing education credits available. Register here

PSR Actions

Tell Senator Reed to Cut Funds for Nuclear Weapons Testing

In the news

Could a mad, unhinged US president push the nuclear button?
Asia Times - Nov 19
Mentions PSR's report on projected casualties in a hypothetical nuclear attack


Erasing Trump's success: Biden pressured to scrap Space Force
The Washington Times - Nov 18
Mentions PSR


Court Orders Better Climate Analysis On Public Land In Wyoming
Wyoming Public Media - Nov 17
Coverage of PSR lawsuit


Trump administration must weigh climate change when leasing land to oil and gas, court rules
Casper Star Tribune - Nov 16
Coverage of PSR lawsuit


Big Bend area doctors warn against holiday gatherings as COVID-19 cases rise
ABC 27 / WTXL - Nov 16
Quotes Ron Saff, MD, PSR Florida


U.S. judge again blocks Wyoming oil drilling over agency climate analysis
Reuters - Nov 13
Coverage of PSR lawsuit


Florida COVID-19 cases ticking up; winter could be worse
News4Jax - Nov 9
Quotes PSR Florida's Ron Saff, MD


Urgency needed to address climate change in Maine
Daniel Oppenheim, MD, PSR Maine member, Bangor Daily News - Nov 5


Des Moines residents had input on United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
David Drake, DO, PSR Board Member, Des Moines Register - Nov 3


Nuclear weapons banned — illegal at last
Robert Dodge, MD & Ira Helfand, MD, PSR Board Members, The Hill - Oct 31


Doctors Demand Lawmakers Take Action to Address Climate Change
Public News Service - Oct 30
Quotes Dr. Eve Shapiro, PSR Arizona


Power & Health
KCET - Oct 30
TV documentary on how inequality impacts health, featuring Martha Dina Arguello of PSR-Los Angeles


It's time to set the record straight: Canada should join UN Nuclear Ban Treaty [subscription required]
Jérémy Cotton, PSR Nuclear Weapons Abolition Intern, The Hill Times - Oct 29


Industry's influence over EPA could get even worse: Chemical advisory board nominees rife with conflicts of interest
EDF Health - Oct 29
Mentions PSR


BLM to assess climate impacts of challenged leasing decisions
The Daily Sentinel - Oct 29
Mentions PSR


California Agencies Begin to Grapple With Racial Equity and Environmental Justice
Streetsblog California - Oct 29
Quotes Martha Dina Arguello, PSR Los-Angeles


Trump Admin to Give $1.4 Billion to Try to Revive the Nuclear Power Industry
Truthout - Oct 29
Mentions Oregon PSR's report on small modular reactors


The world is facing an insane danger that's greater than Covid-19
Ira Helfand, MD, PSR Board Member, CNN - Oct 27


Treaty banning all nuclear weapons will become international law
People's World - Oct 27
Quotes PSR


How fracking can affect human health
Yale Climate Connections - Oct 22
Quotes PSR's Barbara Gottlieb


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