UU the Vote 2020


It was a long night, but after a cup or two of coffee this morning, I am ready to go. 

I am ready to join many of you at today’s spiritual gatherings. I am ready to join the virtual rallies cheering on democracy and the election workers who were up late (and got up early) to count all the votes. I am also ready to continue to do the deep work of our faith that requires us to face truths about ourselves, our faith and this country. 

Today, we know that voters showed up in record numbers. And that over the last few months thousands of UUs have showed up to #UUtheVote by calling, texting and writing voters—as well as helping defending the election by creating joy at the polls.

I am so proud of the work we have done together. Through UU the Vote we have reached out to nearly 3 million voters! Those numbers are still coming in, too!

It is also true that today, we watch the vote counts and find that, again, white supremacy is not just on the table, but is the table. From the beginning, UU the Vote has been clear—when we #VoteLove we rise together to affirm that we are pro-migration, pro-democracy, pro-equity, pro-Human and Civil Rights for all, pro-reparations, and pro-sustainability. We defeat hate by joining in solidarity with all those who resist Authoritarianism, colonialism, criminalization, extractive capitalism, white supremacy, and environmental exploitation.

My friend, we are working towards a future where all of us can thrive. We have to make every day count. Not just in the days ahead during this election, but for the years to come! 

UU the Vote is a part of the legacy of electoral organizing that has continuously proven to bend the moral arc of justice. Let’s make every day count to build a democracy where all of us can thrive.

Let's keep going

We said at the beginning of all this that we were in it for the long haul, and our work is clearer than ever—we must commit ourselves to work of democracy, anti-racism, and collective action for our collective liberation. Our work is not done. I echo the words from the activist group Southerners on New Ground, that we need “more of us, and more from us.”

As we wait for results, we have always known that whatever the outcomes of this election, our work is not done. We are grounded in the clarity of our commitment to our deepest values, and in our relationships with generations-old movements for justice who have always fought for liberation for all people.

Let’s get ready!

Nicole Pressley
National Organizer

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