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Last week the Supreme Court of the United States announced it will hear June Medical Services v. Gee this term. At issue is the constitutionality of a medically unnecessary admitting privileges requirement. An identical law from Texas was struck down in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt in 2016 as an undue burden on the right to have an abortion.

As the Supreme Court revisits the Whole Woman’s Health decision, we need our Senators to know that abortion is healthcare. The Women's Health Protection Act would create much-needed federal protections against state-level restrictions on abortion.


I am a physician/constituent from [your state] and an advocate/supporter with Physicians for Reproductive Health. I am calling to urge Senator _____________ to support the Women's Health Protection Act.

Abortion is health care that everyone deserves access to, no matter where they live or what their income is. As a physician [supporter of reproductive health care], I am alarmed by the bans on abortion passed in Alabama and Georgia this year. They show that federal protection of abortion is critical to protecting the health and rights of pregnant people in the United States. Access to abortion care should not depend on your zip code.

Please ask Senator _________ to support the Women's Health Protection Act and work to protect access to abortion.