Right now, The NM Legislature has the opportunity to pass SB8: The New Mexico Voting Rights Act. This historic bill will protect and expand voting rights in New Mexico, by restoring voting rights to people who were formerly incarcerated, lowering the voting age to many 17 year olds, making it easier to vote with an absentee ballot and providing protections for voting on Tribal lands.

Unfortunately, the bill has already been amended to take out many of the other parts that are meaningful to community like making Election Day a holiday, lowering the voting age to 16 in local elections, and back-end automatic voter registration.

Over the course of this last year states across the US have passed numerous laws that will give the state the power to overturn elections and dismiss the will of voters. These laws are designed to diminish voting rights, especially those of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color.  These voter suppression tactics will have a lasting and devastating impact on democracy.

Can you take a moment to send an email to the legislature to PASS SB8, with ALL of important protections?

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