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Tell Congress: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act Now!

Throughout the region, the Commonwealth, and the nation, attacks on voters and democracy are happening at alarming rates. Voters are turning out in record numbers, but without government action to protect our democracy, the safeguards in place mean little to nothing. 

Take action today to show that you're pro-voter and pro-democracy.

Click here to demand that your federal representatives pass the Freedom to Vote Act!



Are you enraged by the extreme Supreme Court's scandals, devastating decisions, and denial of our freedoms?

We are – and you should be too. Extremist justices sitting on the Supreme Court hand down consequential decisions about our safety, our freedoms, our environment, and our democracy. While they make rules our country has to follow, they flout ethical standards and use their power to enrich themselves, reward their friends, and punish their enemies. 

Join @WeAreUFD to demand action. Add your voice to call on Congress to rein in the Court:


It's past time to pass the Fairness Act in Pennsylvania!

It's 2023 - and it's still legal to be fired for being gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer in Pennsylvania. It's still legal to deny someone housing or sevice in your business because of their sexuality or gender identity. The Fairness Act would make this bigotry illegal, but it still needs to pass the PA Senate to become state law.

Contact your PA Senator HERE.

We can't wait for the Senate to act. Let's fight for local protections right now! 

Click here to demand a Luzerne County nondiscrimination ordinance!


The student debt crisis is impacting millions of Americans. Are you one of them? How about your kids or grandkids? 

Tell us your student debt story HERE and join the fight to end the predatory loan system that is affecting ALL of us. 


Alert: Take Action NOW - Fight the proposed amendment to the Luzerne County Home Rule Charter!

On June 13, the Luzerne County Council voted 7-4 to place an amendment on the November ballot that will politicize our elections process and threaten the independence of the Board of Elections.

Despite every single public comment being in opposition to the proposed amendment, the County Council moved it forward, all while fully knowing that it does not have public support, acknowledging that it is overly complicated for voters, and will likely lead to lawsuits being filed against the county. 

They sent a message loud and clear last night: they want more power over our elections, and they're willing to go to any length to get it. And they are doing all of this without prioritizing the real needs of the people of Luzerne County. 


Take the NEPA Pro-Voter Pledge: Pennsylvanians have the freedom, by law, to choose how they wish to cast their ballots– in person on Election Day, by mail-in ballot, or by using a drop box. By offering voters accessible options to vote, we can ensure that every citizen has an equal voice in the decisions that shape our future and ensure that our elections are fair, free, and accessible.

In NEPA, voters decide. Sign the NEPA Pro-Voter Pledge today.

Luzerne County Voters: Sign the Luzerne County Pro-Voter Agenda here!


Let's End Gun Violence - It's Time for a Common Agenda for Gun Safety For the first time in over a decade, there has been progress made in the PA House of Representatives on common-sense gun reforms! On May 22nd, the House passed expanded violence checks and Extreme Risks Protection Orders (ERPO). A third policy to require the reporting of lost and stolen gun failed by one vote. We need YOUR help to ensure that we pass common sense solutions to ending the epidemic of gun violence!

Contact Your Legislators


2023 PA Budget: Across Pennsylvania, working families want the same things: good paying jobs, safe and healthy communities, and public schools for their kids that gives them the opportunity to learn and thrive. Our Pennsylvania government, with a budget surplus of over $5 billion in a Rainy Day Fund, has the opportunity to deliver for every Pennsylvanian. Join Action Together NEPA in asking them to do just that. Let's reach out to Governor Shapiro and our state legislators to let them know that for the right priorities to mean something real, we need more investment in the people of Pennsylvania. //  En todo Pensilvania, las familias trabajadoras quieren las mismas cosas: trabajos bien remunerados, comunidades seguras y saludables y escuelas públicas para sus hijos que les den la oportunidad de aprender y prosperar. Nuestro gobierno de Pensilvania, con un superávit presupuestario de más de $5 mil millones en un Fondo para Días Lluviosos, tiene la oportunidad de satisfacer las necesidades de todos los habitantes de Pensilvania. Únete a Action Together NEPA para pedirles que hagan exactamente eso. Contactemos al gobernador Shapiro y a nuestros legisladores estatales para hacerles saber que, para que las prioridades correctas signifiquen algo real, necesitamos más inversión en la gente de Pensilvania.

2023 PA State Budget


Empower Local Leaders to Set a Living WageFreeing local governments to set the minimum wage would free local elected leaders to respond to the needs of local businesses, workers, and the community.  With skyrocketing housing and energy costs, local electeds need the flexibility to deal with the cost of living crisis. Raising the minimum wage statewide is desperately needed - but it's a one-time move. Let's empower local leaders to consider their own wage increases.  Ask your legislators to lift preemption and grant LOCAL CONTROL over setting the minimum wage!

Contact Your Legislators Today to Demand Local Wage Control


Hazleton Waste Petition: Hazleton is a vibrant community full of hard working people who care about their neighbors and about their community. North East Waste Systems LLC has proposed building a garbage transfer station on mine land between Broad Street and Shaft Road in Hazleton. Residents and small business owners have questions and concerns about this proposal, and are asking for time and answers from the City Council and the PA Department of Environmental Protection. //  Hazleton es una comunidad vital. Somos personas conscientes de los vecinos y que nos importa el pueblo.  North East Waste systems LLC ha propuesta construir una estación de transferencia de basura en tierra minera entre Broad Street y Shaft Road en Hazleton.  Los vecinos y comerciantes tienen preguntas y dudas sobre la propuesta.  Pedimos más tiempo para aclarar y mejores respuestas por parte del consejo de Hazleton y el departments de protection ambiéntal.

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PPL Utility Petition: Join us in calling for a hearing by the PA House Consumer Affairs Committee to hold PPL executives accountable for the ongoing billing issues that have caused severe hardship for our communities. Despite a technical malfunction and promises of corrected bills, some customers are still receiving higher than usual utility bills, and PPL customer service has been inadequate. State Representative Jim Haddock has called for a hearing, and we urge you to sign our petition and send a message to your elected officials supporting this call for action. //  Únete a nosotros para exigir una audiencia por parte del Comité de Asuntos del Consumidor de la Cámara de Representantes de Pensilvania para responsabilizar a los ejecutivos de PPL por los problemas de facturación continuos que han causado graves dificultades a nuestras comunidades. A pesar de una falla técnica y promesas de facturas corregidas, algunos clientes aún reciben facturas de servicios públicos más altas de lo habitual, y el servicio al cliente de PPL ha sido insuficiente. El representante estatal Jim Haddock ha pedido una audiencia, y te instamos a firmar nuestra petición y enviar un mensaje a tus funcionarios electos apoyando esta llamada a la acción.

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