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FEMA has opened a comment period to hear what YOU think about the "National Flood Insurance Program's Floodplain Management Standards." Read our full letter to FEMA below. You can sign it by clicking here.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA-2021-2024)

Dear Administrator Criswell,

We are flood survivors, and we are angry. 

We live in cities like Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and New York, but also small and mid-sized towns including Playa Ponce, Borikén, Puerto Rico; Miami, Oklahoma; and Koyukuk, Alaska. 

We've witnessed death and destruction from Hurricanes Harvey, Florence, Laura, Sally, Sandy, Matthew, Irma, Delta, and Zeta, as well as from overland flooding in the Midwest. 

We've lived without electricity, running water, and secure shelter. We've heard our children cry from the absence of friends, school, and safety. And we've confronted homelessness, illness, and mind-numbing red tape from insurance companies and government agencies.

But we are also organized, and we demand change. 

We have coordinated emergency planning, helped with evacuations, piled sandbags, called in rescue teams, provided food and shelter for displaced people, run workshops about how to fill out out claims-forms, trained young people in home repairs, filed lawsuits, and run buy-out and green infrastructure programs. We have shouted, protested, and carried signs and banners. 

Now, we are responding to FEMA's Request for Information on the National Flood Insurance Program's Floodplain Management Standards for Land Management and Use, and an Assessment of the Program's Impact on Threatened and Endangered Species and Their Habitats. That's a long name, so the following five demands are as succinct as possible. (And by the way, just because we make demands, it doesn't mean we don't appreciate your efforts to improve post-disaster recovery programs: We do!)

Here are things we want -- (they are pretty simple).

1. Don't Build Where it Floods 

Irresponsible development in flood-prone areas has put people in harm's way. Developers and disreputable planners, engineers and politicians have put profit above public health and safety.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has unfortunately made things worse by sanctioning the building of levees and permitting the use of fill to elevate properties. These practices facilitate building in flood zones while increasing flood risk in surrounding areas or downstream. Lax enforcement of existing regulations has enabled bad development even as flood risk keeps increasing due to climate change.

  • Prohibit construction within the 100-year floodplain.
  • Require that critical infrastructure (schools, hospitals, etc.) in the 500-year floodplain be elevated in a manner that will not adversely impact adjacent areas.
  • Ban all industry — including steel manufacture, factory farming, mining, oil refineries, and chemical plants — in the 500-year floodplain.
  • Improve monitoring, tracking, and public disclosure of communities' compliance with NFIP requirements.  Find ways to help communities comply.

2. Stop Recycling Flooded Properties 

The NFIP pays for rebuilding even after a home has been flooded over and over. These “repetitive loss” properties are responsible for a huge share of damages paid out by the NFIP. NFIP should instead prioritize mitigation measures such as elevation, home buyouts, and community relocation. Unfortunately, buyouts are too bureaucratic and take too long — the average is 5.7 years — making them useless except for the few with the money and patience to wait.

As sea level rises, there will be a need to relocate whole towns, even cities. A massive planning effort needs to begin now.

  • Government buyout programs should reflect the cost of moving to desirable areas, far from flooding, pollution, or other hazards and remove the cost-share requirement for low-income communities.
  • Increase NFIP funds to $100,000 for mitigation measures through the Increased Cost of Compliance.
  • Prepare for mass climate migration by working with impacted residents to create and support new models for relocation, creating new communities, not just houses. 

3. Disclose Flood Risk 

Before moving into a new home or community, people should know about present and future flood risks. Unfortunately, that information is often hard to find. Currently, 20 states do not require sellers to disclose a property's flood risks or past flood damages to a potential buyer. The other 30 have differing disclosure laws. Until there is a federal standard, many people will remain in the dark about their flood risks. Additionally, FEMA flood maps are often inaccurate and out of date, and don't factor in future climate change. We need better, more accurate and future oriented data and mapping if we are to mitigate future flood events.

  • Ensure that home buyers can find out about flood risks by requiring states to pass disclosure laws for them to be eligible for the NFIP.
  • Ensure that FEMA flood maps, modeling, and calculations take account of climate change, future development, and land use change.  

4. Make Flood Insurance Fair 

NFIP premiums do not adequately reflect flood risk. Many properties in high-risk areas receive subsidized rates, despite the risk of catastrophic losses. This creates fiscal exposure to the federal government, and by extension, taxpayers. Additionally, when FEMA provides below-cost flood insurance, it fails to communicate risk or incentivize mitigation. At the same time, it is essential that flood insurance be affordable and accessible to low-income households until such time that communities can be moved out of harm's way.

  • Base NFIP insurance rates on actual risk combined with means-tested affordability assistance. 
  • Increase NFIP funds to $100,000 for mitigation measures through the Increased Cost of Compliance.
  • Make buyouts attractive to homeowners by recognizing the cost of moving to desirable areas, far from flooding, pollution, or other hazards. Remove the cost-share requirement for low-income communities.

5. Protect or Restore Ecologies that Reduce Flooding 

There is growing recognition that our ecological infrastructure is highly effective at protecting communities against floods when it's intact. Therefore, protection of existing streams, floodplains, wetlands, forests, and watersheds is essential. In coastal areas, salt marshes, mangrove forests, beaches and sand dunes, and coral and oyster reefs reduce wave and storm surge height, shoreline erosion, and inland inundation. The economic benefits of protecting natural areas greatly outweigh the costs. These areas provide communities with beauty, recreation, and rest as well as protection.

  • Protect wetlands and endangered species by prohibiting construction in 100-year flood plains and strictly regulating it in 500-year flood plains. 
  • Include nature-based strategies as a mitigation strategy for Increased Cost of Compliance. Require all federal and state funded resilience projects to prioritize natural or nature-based solutions. 
  • Work with FEMA's federal counterparts to nationalize the seashore by establishing a 90,000-mile-long park that wraps the country's coastline, expand federal, state and local public lands for conservation, and recognize indigenous sovereignty. Indigenous communities have centuries (even millennia) of experience in protecting the ecological infrastructure.

We know a thing or two about flooding – so talk to us! 

The flood survivors below all believe that for our children to have a safe and healthy planet, we need to quickly end fossil fuel use and transition to an economy focused on the satisfaction of real, human needs. At the same time, provision must be made to protect individuals and communities from present and future harms due to more intense storms, rising sea levels, subsidence, bad development, and flooding. We need support, transparency, inclusiveness, and accountability to grassroots organizations. We’re already at work on these issues and we can help you do a better job helping communities recover from flooding and preventing future disasters.


Harriet Festing
Executive Director, Anthropocene Alliance




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