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Tell Congress Abortion is Health Care 

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In the State of the Union Address, President Trump made gross mischaracterizations about abortion later in pregnancy and called on Congress to pass restrictions on abortion. Please call your members of Congress and explain that abortion is health care and that politicians should not interfere with the provider-patient relationship. Ask them to oppose further restrictions on abortion.


I am a physician/supporter from [your state]. I was disappointed to hear President Trump grossly mischaracterize abortion care in the State of the Union. I want Senator/Representative ____________ to know that abortions later in pregnancy are rare and happen because of extremely complex, urgent circumstances. These patients deserve compassion and high-quality care, not judgment and shame. Women, in consultation with their physicians, must be able to evaluate all appropriate treatments and make informed decisions about what’s best for their health and their pregnancies. Please oppose legislation interfering in the provider-patient relationship and further limiting access to abortion.