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August 25, 2020

Environment & Health

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Webinar: Washington PSR and Front and Centered Advance Green Justice

Please join us on August 26 to learn how Washington PSR has placed environmental justice at the heart of its actions to fight climate change and promote clean, healthy renewable energy. Hear too from one of their environmental justice partners: Front and Centered, a statewide coalition rooted in communities of color and people with lower incomes. As thought leaders and organizers on the frontlines of economic and environmental change, they build their agenda and strength with grassroots communities, working for a Just Transition that centers equity and is led by people of color.

Wednesday, August 26 | 12:00 pm Pacific/3:00 pm Eastern

Rep. Kathy Castor

PSR Florida Doctors Join U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor in Calling for Climate Action

PSR Florida held a webinar with Congresswoman Kathy Castor, chair of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and FL health professionals on the frontlines of the climate crisis to learn more about the recommendations in the Committee's recent majority report "Solving the Climate Crisis," a long overdue road map for ambitious climate action, and how the climate crisis is harming the health of Floridians. The climate crisis, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has made it clear that we need a national plan to help communities and health departments prepare for and respond to climate-related health risks. Listen to the full recording here.

Gas furnaces video screencap

Replacing Gas with Electric Power

Furnaces that burn fossil ("natural") gas help drive climate change and pollute the air. Electric heat pumps provide a clean, efficient alternative that helps us phase out fossil fuels and increase the demand for solar- or wind-generated electricity. Watch this brief video (one minute, 46 seconds) to learn how why we need them and how heat pumps work. Created by PSR/Pennsylvania.

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The Astonishing Story of the Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland, Oregon's Clean Energy Fund is America's first-ever municipal climate justice fund. Under this voter-approved initiative, led by communities of color, large corporations contribute one percent of annual gross revenue to a locally managed fund to support local clean energy, energy efficiency and climate justice projects. The Fund prioritizes grants to projects that serve low-income communities and communities of color, thus supporting those with the greatest need. Oregon PSR was deeply involved in this rousing victory, maintaining active engagement without taking over leadership.

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My Green Doctor

Environmental Injustice: The Risks to Your Patients

Physicians for Social Responsibility believes every person has the right to live in a clean, healthy environment. This month, My Green Doctor explores Environmental Justice: how decades of government decisions have hurt poor people and minorities, how to identify the health risks to patients in your practice, and how you can help your community.

My Green Doctor is a free donor and membership benefit from Physicians for Social Responsibility. It helps you as a clinician save money by guiding your office to adopt wise environmental practices. It also encourages you to share these ideas with your patients as a means of slowing the momentum of climate change and preparing for its threats to health. Ask your office manager to register and please share this with your colleagues.

Peace and Security

Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink gets a new look and renewed energy

As part of the commemoration events honoring the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Back from the Brink, a coalition of U.S. nuclear weapons abolition activists from around the country, revealed their new and improved website, new logo and a new video expressing their call to action.

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Upcoming Virtual Events

PSR Webinar: Advancing Green Justice in Washington State
Wed., Aug. 26, 12:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EDT
Learn how Washington PSR partnered with Front and Centered to place environmental justice at the heart of climate and clean energy policy. Register here

PSR Colorado Webinar: Health Impacts of Natural Gas in the Home: Children and Health Equity
Thurs., Sept. 3, 6:00 pm MDT/8:00 pm EDT
Children and low-income communities are among the most impacted by indoor air pollution. Learn what you can do as a health professional to best advise your patients, and as an activist to change policy! Register here

More events

PSR Actions

Tell Congress: Protect Voting and our Democracy!

In the news

California fires cause parts of the U.S. to have some of dirtiest air in the world
Washington Post - Aug 20
Quotes Robert Gould, MD, president of San Francisco Bay PSR


State nod moves forward proposed Native American sacred site at Santa Susana Field Lab
Ventura County Star - Aug 17
Quotes Denise Duffield, PSR-Los Angeles


Missing coverage
Santa Fe New Mexican - Aug 14
Mentions PSR's Ira Helfand, MD


NASA wants nuclear-contaminated Santa Susana site to be made a historic landmark
Los Angeles Times - Aug 13
Quotes Denise Duffield, PSR-Los Angeles


In California, you can drill for oil next to a home. Activists hope to change that.
Los Angeles Times - Aug 13
Quotes Martha Dina Argüello, PSR-Los Angeles


"Candles on the Water" event remembers 75th anniversary of Hiroshima, Nagasaki bombings
The Patriot-News - Aug 9
Coverage of event co-sponsored by PSR Pennsylvania


Wisconsin Health Care Providers Reflect On 75th Anniversary Of Hiroshima, Nagasaki Bombings
WUWM (NPR) - Aug 7
Quotes PSR Wisconsin President Amy Schulz, RN


Archbishop champions nuclear disarmament
Albuquerque Journal - Aug 7
Mentions PSR's Ira Helfand, MD


U.S. should apologize for dropping atomic bombs
Olivia Alperstein, former PSR media manager, Columbia Tribune - Aug 6


'Still Here': Honoring Hibakusha 75 Years After
Robert Dodge, MD, PSR Board Member, Common Dreams - Aug 6


Central Iowa pauses to remember atomic bombing during World War II
Local 5 News - Aug 6
Video clip of PSR Iowa event


'It was a massacre': Hiroshima survivors in Sacramento recall day of death and trauma
Sacramento Bee - Aug 6
Quotes Sacramento PSR's Harry Wang, MD


Pennsylvania Regulators Won't Say Where 66% of Landfill Leachate w/ Radioactive Material From Fracking is Going…"It's Private"
Public Herald - Aug 5
Quotes PSR Pennsylvania's Laura Dagley


The 75th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reminds us of the need to ban nuclear weapons
Gwen DuBois, MD, Chesapeake PSR, Baltimore Sun - Aug 5


The Lessons We Haven't Learned
Helen Caldicott, MD, PSR co-founder, The Progressive - Aug 3


Officials must adjust to weather disasters during COVID-19
Todd Sack, MD, PSR Florida, Orlando Sentinel - Aug 2


75th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing is a time to activate for a nuclear-free future, not just to commemorate
David Drake, DO, PSR Board Member, Des Moines Register - Aug 2


Here's how clean energy can help Texas bounce back from COVID-19 recession
Mary Ann Gonzales, MD, PSR Board Member, Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Jul 31


A Shimmering Peace: "Candles on The Water" offers hope on 75th anniversary of nuclear bombings
The Burg News - Jul 31
Coverage of Aug 9 event co-sponsored by PSR Pennsylvania


Why remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Paula Rogge, MD, PSR Wisconsin, Capital Times - Jul 29


Gov. DeSantis should think about the answers to these questions
Donald Axelrad, PhD, PSR Florida, Tallahassee Democrat - Jul 27


Local officials, environmentalists blast rollback in car standards
Des Moines Register - Jul 26
Quotes Maureen McCue, MD, PSR Iowa


Florida delays high school football amid coronavirus surge
Associated Press - July 26
Quotes PSR Florida's Ron Saff, MD


Frontline Workers Say Florida Lacks Coronavirus Leadership
WUSF News - Jul 24
Quotes PSR Florida's Ron Saff, MD

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