Join IfNotNow and the Jewish Liberation Fund for this speaker series addressing the question of who holds the power to shape Jewish communal narratives, how they exercise it, and what we can do.

July 20th at 7pm ET: Israel-Palestine and the future of Jewish Politics in America with Sarah Anna Minkin and Dov Waxman

The relationship between Israel and American Jewry is changing, opening up new political possibilities and opportunities to contest for power within the American Jewish sphere. Join Sarah Anne Minkin and Dov Waxman to dig into the nature of this changing relationship, the impact on discourse around Israel-Palestine, where Jewish politics might be headed in the future, and what that means for the growing Jewish progressive movement. Register now.

The Jewish Liberation Fund (JLF) mobilizes resources to sustain and grow a progressive Jewish movement and fund a Jewish future we can believe in. We pursue this mission by cultivating the seeds of the Jewish progressive movement as a grantmaker whose decisions are made by Black and Indigenous Jews, Jews of Color, Sephardim and Mizrahim; designing resources and courses for large funders to critically consider the role of philanthropy in dismantling unjust social systems; and organizing Jewish funders to take collective action to usher in new practices in the Jewish philanthropic space.