At Black Feminist Future, interdependency and collaboration are the textures of our map. One decade in, BFF is a testament to the strength of Black feminisms, both reflective of our membership and committed to our liberation. Put simply, we are in the business of Black freedom. We are drawing the shape of our liberation in ink, naming the constellations that help us way-find, and following our North Stars home.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, BFF presents Magnitude and Bond, a series of transformative activations for Black feminists throughout the country to continue our expansion toward a Black feminist future where we are all free.

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Magnitude and Bond: A Litany for Survival

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Magnitude and Bond: DreamWeaving

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Magnitude and Bond: beloved to the bone

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Magnitude and Bond: Platonic Love Mixer

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Magnitude and Bond: Giving Flowers

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Magnitude and Bond: Girlhood

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Magnitude and Bond: Building our Bounty

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Magnitude and Bond: A Black Feminist Legacy

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Magnitude and Bond: The Future, Illuminated

In Celebration of our Ten Year Anniversary

Please visit the About Us page on our website to interact with our brand-new timeline; detailing the actions that got us to where we are today.


As Black feminists, our influence and meaning-making flow through each other. We depend on each other; and further, we grow because of each other. We are made greater by each other and built stronger by each other. We are important to each other. As a supporter of Black Feminist Future, you are our magnitude and bond. 

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