Physicians for Reproductive Health

Setting the Standard for COVID Relief Package 4

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The all-around distress in our communities as a result of the coronavirus is palpable. What is clear is that “...the marginalized just become more marginalized when there is stress on the system...”. As the relief packages have rolled out in the past several weeks we have seen an increase in unemployment protections, greater investments in public health, and relief to small business and nonprofits. Still many are currently without protections and some are being actively attacked during these uncertain times.

This week, we want you to call and ask Senators to center women and their families ahead of corporations in upcoming coronavirus legislation. Relief packages must include protections for all families including the immigrant community, regardless of immigration status and protect the health and wellbeing of workers and their families.

To read Physicians most recent provider joint statement including the Abortion Care Network, National Abortion Federation, Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America please click here.


I am a physician/supporter from [your state] and an advocate/supporter with Physicians for Reproductive Health. I am grateful for the work that Congress has put forth via the initial relief packages around the coronavirus. For future legislation, I ask that you center and ensure the safety for all, inclusive of women and families as well as the immigrant community, regardless of immigration status. Women and immigrant women make up so many of the front-line workers who are most at risk right now. Greater access to health coverage, paid leave, protections for employees from job loss, adequate personal protective equipment, and continued access to comprehensive health care including contraception, abortion, and birth are essential.

[As a physician] I know how important it is for people to feel supported and safe to access health care, particularly at times of uncertainty. [As a physician] I am prepared to do my part to care for all our communities, and ask Senator ___________ to support coronavirus assistance bills and packages without political restrictions to truly benefit all communities, centering those working at the front-lines.