On March 9, the Senate Ways & Means Committee will be holding a public hearing on the wealth tax. Taking action on this bill will help persuade that committee of the public support for this measure.

SB 5486 would help to make Washington State’s tax structure more equitable. It would put a 1% tax on the financial property of people who have more than $250 million in stocks, bonds, and similar investments. It would fund disability services, education, housing and tax credits for working families. Right now, people in the lowest income sector pay six times more as a share of their income than people at the top 1/10 of one percent of the income spectrum. This tax would help to generate more for services by increasing the share that people of wealth pay.

There are two ways to take action on this bill:

1. Sign-in PRO on SB 5486 below

2. Contact the Senate Ways & Means Committee and ask them to PASS SB 5486

Sign in PRO for SB 5486:


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