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June 30, 2020

Peace and Security

Obama and Medvedev at New Start signing in 2010

Time is running out for the New START Treaty

The New START Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation entered into force on February 5, 2011 and will expire 10 years later, February 5, 2021 unless the U.S. and Russian heads of state agree to extend it. Despite bipartisan support in Congress, the current administration has essentially not lifted a finger to save the treaty. PSR is backing bipartisan legislation in support of extending New START.

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#StillHere graphic

Join with PSR to commemorate Hiroshima & Nagasaki 75th anniversary

This summer, we remember the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated two hundred thousand men, women, and children. As an outpouring of support, a coalition of over 150 organizations have come together this year specifically to honor nuclear survivors—the "Hibakusha"—as we acknowledge that in the 75th year of the nuclear age, the survivors, the nuclear weapons, and civilization itself are #StillHere. On August 6 and August 9, join the coalition for a live virtual event, which will shine a spotlight on creative projects and local events around the country, and strengthen the voices of activists and stories of survivors.

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Nuclear Test

Nuclear Testing Rears Its Ugly Head

As the Trump administration continues to pursue talks including Russia and China, administration officials are considering new nuclear weapons tests as a negotiating tool. Even more disturbing, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) brought this idea out of the theoretical with an amendment to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act to authorize $10 million to execute a nuclear test "if necessary." In a party-line vote June 11, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved Cotton's amendment.

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Des Moines Proclamation

Mayor of Des Moines establishes "Back from the Brink Day"

On June 22, in a virtual event, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie issued a proclamation in honor of the Back from the Brink initiative. The Proclamation included the 5 Back from the Brink policy recommendations, referenced the $39 million nuclear weapons tax burden on citizens of Des Moines for Fiscal Year 2020, and called upon the United States to welcome the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Cownie is United States Vice President of Mayors for Peace. As part of the event, David Drake, D.O. responded on behalf of PSR and PSR-Iowa. Click here to read Dr. Drake's comments and the Proclamation.

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Environment & Health

Air Pollution

Webinar: Environment, Health and Justice

Communities of color bear disproportionate burdens of polluted air, water and land, and the diseases and ill health that result from a contaminated environment. How can PSR, as we work for clean energy and a healthy climate, help reverse those racist injustices? Join us for "Environment, Health and Justice," a webinar examining how PSR/Oregon made environmental justice a guiding principle of its work. What steps did they take? What were the results? And what lessons have they learned along the way? Tune in Thursday, July 2 at 2 pm Eastern for answers and discussion.

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PSR Climate Ambassadors

PSR Climate Ambassadors making their voices heard

PSR Climate Ambassadors are discussing how climate change and energy use are impacting people's health around the country. Here is a recent example from two of our Climate Ambassadors:

Learn more about our PSR Climate Ambassadors program and consider joining this special advocacy effort. If you have any questions contact Antonia Herzog.

My Green Doctor

COVID-19 & Sun Safety This Month

It's time to send your patients outdoors! They will enjoy the physical and mental health benefits, plus people who explore their parks and neighborhoods are more likely to become stewards of our outdoor spaces. You can keep your patients safe outside by recommending your local social distancing rules and by advising sun protection for both your light and dark skinned patients. Find here free waiting room brochures and other resources on sun safety from My Green Doctor and from the American Academy of Dermatology.

My Green Doctor is a free donor and membership benefit from Physicians for Social Responsibility. It helps you as a clinician save money by guiding your office to adopt wise environmental practices. It also encourages you to share these ideas with your patients as a means of slowing the momentum of climate change and preparing for its threats to health. Ask your office manager to register and please share this with your colleagues.

PSR Statements

WCAPS letter cover image

Standing Together Against Racism and Discrimination

PSR and more than 150 organizations and practitioners in the peace and security and foreign policy communities—including our partners in the nuclear weapons policy community—have released an open letter committing to "stand together against the acts of racism and discrimination that are structurally and culturally built into the foundation of this country."

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George Floyd mural

Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

The murder of George Floyd and other acts of violence against African Americans in recent years are reminders of the deadly consequences of institutional racism in the United States. Tragically, the latest acts of violence by police directed at African Americans are occurring at a time when African Americans and other people of color are dying disproportionately from COVID-19, further illustrating the damage caused by institutional racism.

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In the news

As Coronavirus Cases and Unemployment in the US Climb, 39 Groups Launch Coalition for Clean Energy and Healthy Communities
Common Dreams - Jun 25
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EPA Will Not Appeal on Advisory Boards
Progressive Farmer - Jun 24
Coverage of the successful PSR lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency


Lawsuit asserts mask ordinance violates privacy rights
News4Jax - Jun 24
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Florida shrugs off COVID threat to us oldsters
South Florida Sun Sentinel - Jun 20
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Four Health and Medical Groups File Legal Action Defending Lifesaving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
Southern Environmental Law Center - Jun 19
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Four Health and Medical Groups File Legal Action Defending Lifesaving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
Southern Environmental Law Center - Jun 19
Coverage of lawsuit filed by PSR and partner groups


Doctors Demand Governor Mandate Masks
WUSF - Jun 17
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The Gas Industry Is Paying Instagram Influencers to Gush Over Gas Stoves
Mother Jones - Jun 17
Mentions PSR's gas stoves report


Is L.A. County Prepared for a Coronavirus Surge?
Capital & Main - Jun 17
Quotes Martha Dina Argüello, executive director of PSR-Los Angeles


Physicians for Social Responsibility urge Gov. Desantis to mandate the use of face masks
WCJB - Jun 16
Quotes PSR Florida's Dr. Ron Saff


Tallahassee businesses weigh in on mask debate
WCTV - Jun 16
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Solar power co-op launches in Tucson
Arizona Daily Star - Jun 15
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Mass Violence and Psychiatric Values
Psychiatric Times - Jun 3
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Electrification advocates open new front in fight over gas use: public health
S&P Global - Jun 3
Coverage of PSR's gas stoves report


Coronavirus Lockdowns May Raise Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution
Scientific American - Jun 1
Coverage of PSR's gas stoves report


Lawsuit filed to fight Jordan Cove
The World Link - May 30
Mentions Oregon PSR


Groups appeal federal Jordan Cove approval
Mail Tribune - May 29
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Reynolds and Trump failures on climate and coronavirus crises leave Iowans at risk
Maureen McCue, MD, PSR Iowa, Iowa City Press-Citizen - May 28


Sturgeon urged to block government bailout for Grangemouth operator Petroineos
Insider - May 28
Mentions PSR Pennsylvania


Governor's task force on reopening
Howard Kessler, MD, PSR Florida, Naples Daily News - May 27


Warming climate demands clean energy solutions
Steve Mckee, PSR Texas Executive Director, Austin American-Statesman - May 25


Tampa Bay Catholics and Evangelicals discuss the environment and coronavirus
Tampa Bay Times - May 13
Quotes Dr. Sandra Gompf, PSR FL member, who participated in a virtual panel event on COVID and Climate


State Should Prioritize Climate-Conscious Policies, Fund Mass Transit
Op-ed by Chesapeake PSR's Nishanth Khanna, MD, Maryland Matters - May 11

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