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In This Issue:
Transgender Awareness Week + Mass incarceration and HIV + The vagina vs. the vulva

CeCe McDonald
We are all stronger, smarter, talented, beautiful, and more resilient than we were told."
— CeCe McDonald, Black trans activist and speaker.
Join Planned Parenthood and our partners in celebrating Transgender Awareness Week, November 14 - 20.

Mass Incarceration + HIV
Too many prisons aren't providing comprehensive HIV treatment or preventive care — putting the health and lives of incarcerated people and their communities at risk.

"HIV prevention in prisons and especially in jails, is egregious," says Jason Lydon of Black and Pink, a nonprofit that advocates for LGBTQ prisoners. While most currently-incarcerated HIV-positive people test positive for the virus before they are locked up, being incarcerated means condoms become contraband, PrEP is largely unavailable, and, in jails, ongoing treatment for HIV is interrupted. Individuals are being denied the ability to make their own decisions about their bodies and their health. This is one of many human rights violations that exist in America's prison system — a system that disproportionately racially profiles, criminalizes, and incarcerates Black, Brown, queer, and trans people.


Many states have laws that criminalize otherwise legal behaviors of people living with HIV, or worsen penalties based on a person's HIV-positive status. California is at the forefront of reforming these outdated laws which are based on fear, rather than on the latest advances in health care — taking an important step to reduce stigma around HIV and help people feel safer about getting tested and treated.

Get the Details:
+ We Can't End the HIV Crisis Unless We Get Serious About Sexual Health in Prisons
+ California Now Has Fairer Laws on HIV
+ What is HIV?  What is PreP?

Sex education with cats!
Planned Parenthood Presents:
Meet Your Vagina and Vulva
What's the difference between the vagina and the vulva? Does masturbation have any benefits? What's up with vaginal discharge? Narrated by comedian Sasheer Zamata, our three-part video series covers it all.

"Does smoking marijuana affect how well birth control works?"
There's absolutely no evidence that smoking weed affects birth control, including side effects and how well it prevents pregnancy. The only marijuana-related birth control problem you might have is forgetting to use your birth control correctly because you're high. So make sure you stay on top of your birth control. Luckily, Planned Parenthood's Spot On app makes it easy by helping you track your period and manage your birth control, no matter what method you're using.

— Kendall at Planned Parenthood
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Defier of the Month

Parteek Singh 21, CA

Parteek worked tirelessly to install a vending machine outside the UC Davis Health and Wellness Center stocked with health and wellness products, including Plan B. We love his use of technology to help students overcome barriers to accessing morning-after-pills — including cost, time, and social stigma — and we are excited to see similar machines pop up on campuses across the country. Read more.

Demand a clean Dream Act today.
As each day passes, more and more immigrant youth lose their protection from deportation. We need Congress to act now.

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TBH is a monthly newsletter dedicated to learning about our bodies, talking about sex and relationships, and challenging health inequity and injustice.

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