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Raise Your Voice - Help Save the McCullough Peaks Horses

One of the most iconic, beloved wild horse herds in the American West is in imminent danger of being reduced to unsustainable numbers. 

Public comments on the proposed roundup are open until Feb. 7th, and we strongly urge our supporters, wild horse enthusiasts, and animal lovers everywhere to submit their comment to the BLM, strongly opposing this inhumane, wasteful, and unnecessary operation.

Submitting your message through the BLM Official Portal will ensure your comment is part of the public record. 


Only through passionate, and overwhelming opposition to this roundup do we have a chance in halting it or preventing it.



  • This beloved Wyoming herd of horses is stated to be 179 by the BLM, and this roundup would allow the BLM to reduce the herds numbers to as low as 70.  The HMA can support 250.

  • Dr. Gus Cothran, professor emeritus at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, states that 150 breeding age adults are necessary for genetic diversity, but the BLM has stated they plan to roundup until a low AML of 70 is reached - threatening the very survival of this herd.

  • Additionally, the horses that are left behind will be treated with fertility control, further decimating genetic diversity and sustainability of this already small herd of horses.

  • This herd has been being managed with PZP birth control since 2011, and because the population has been kept at a manageable level, this roundup is unnecessary.  However, pressure by powerful commercial livestock interests are dictating the actions of the BLM.

  • The BLM cites 'range degradation' as a factor in their decision (despite never studying the impact of cattle) -- scapegoating 179 horses over 120,000 acres as the only party at fault.

  • There is currently no room in holding for these horses.

  • Due to this being a 10 year plan by the BLM -- this is our only opportunity for public comment, despite it being a violation of the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires providing the public an opportunity to comment each time they are taking action against this herd.

In summary - this roundup is liekly to drive the McCullough Peaks herd into an unrecoverable state.

The public may submit comments until Feb. 7th, and all comments will be part of the official record for this operation. 

We urge our readers, supporters, and the visitors to this page to concisely, respectfully and passionately share your voice on this matter to the BLM in his or her own words.

Please use the link below to submit your thoughts to the BLM directly.


Key Points for Submitted Comments:

  • Do not remove the McCullough wild horses down to low AML level of 70 horses. This will destroy the genetic viability of the herd, and could likely lead to herd eradication. 

  • Allow all of the wild horses that are on the range, to remain on the range undisturbed.  Do not proceed with the roundup.

  • PZP is already being used to control the population, do not further apply alternative fertility control methods like GonaCon or any other “alternative birth control.”

  • Allow the older horses to remain on the range so they might live out their lives with their families. Do not remove them simply to summarily euthanize them due to 'preexisting conditions’, despite surviving in the wild without issue.

  • Update the AML to reflect the necessary genetic diversity for a herd to 150-250 horses.

  • Do not proceed with this unnecessary and dangerous roundup. 


From all of us at The Wild Beauty Foundation, thank you for sharing your voice, and for standing with wild horses.