Showing Up For Racial Justice

Upcoming Phone Banks

In November, we showed up powerfully with our partners in Georgia to oust Trump, and we’re going to do it again in January to kick the GOP out of the Senate. We’ve got the Right on the run. We’re gaining ground they thought was theirs. The runoff races in Georgia will decide who controls the Senate - and whether or not we will be able to advance progressive legislation nationally. We know that the Right relies on strategic racism to make sure white people don’t change the status quo, even though change is something that most of our communities desperately need. This is why we are focused on majority white voters again.

Each conversation on the phone or on a porch helps our movement keep gaining ground.

Our phone banks require a computer, (ideally a phone), and internet connection. We do NOT have ASL interpretation or closed captioning, and the calls require having multiple tabs open in a browser. Calling gets easier with practice and we have coaches and tech support, but we are not able to meet some accessibility needs.

Ready to knock on doors? Sign up here:

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