Last year, the state took money YOU pay each month on your electric bill for energy efficiency and clean energy services and used it to plug unrelated budget holes. Now programs like home energy audits, insulation, and efficient lighting are running low on funding and small businesses across the state have had to lay off workers.


We’ve joined with efficiency and clean energy businesses and advocates to sue the State to restore the funds and are busy working on legislation to ensure they’re never raided again. You can help.


With this easy form, you can fight the energy raids with a letter to Governor Lamont and your legislators.


Over $145 million was stolen from the Energy Efficiency Fund, Connecticut Green Bank, and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative—all create local jobs, reduce the need for dirty power plants, improve health by cleaning air, and lower bills for Connecticut families.


The beginning of the legislative session and a new administration is the perfect time to tell your public officials you want the energy funds restored. We’ve made it easy with this form that will send a message directly to your legislators and Governor Lamont with click of a button.


Together we can ensure cleaner air, lower bills, economic growth—and make sure these funds are never raided again.

Read more about the funding raids here.


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