Tell Congress: Our Communities Cannot Wait. We Need Bold Action Now!

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One in five Oregonians is out work. Food insecurity in Oregon has doubled in the pandemic's wake. Child hunger in America is three times as high today than the height of the Great Recession.

Yet congressional gridlock has forced state and local governments to cut back on vital programs at a time we need them most.

Our communities cannot wait. We need bold federal action on a new coronavirus stimulus — and we need it now. 

Urge congressional leaders to do everything in their power to pass a stimulus that:

  • Increases 'SNAP' food assistance and extends 'Pandemic EBT' (grocery money to replace lost school meals)
  • Extends eligibility for pandemic relief to communities excluded from previous action — including essential workers who are immigrants
  • Extend enhanced unemployment benefits for workers affected by the pandemic
  • Provides relief to state and local governments to help avoid even more painful budget cuts in our communities

Join us in calling on congress to take bold action on coronavirus relief today!